About us

Did you know?

60% of adults in Douglas County have one or more chronic disease conditions

70-90% of chronic diseases can be prevented by making behavioral modifications to diet and movement

There is a solution.

Thundering Water Upstream Healthcare

Thundering Water is a health and wellness initiative focused on disrupting downstream “disease management” with an “upstream” solution. This prevention approach will help individuals and families to learn lifestyle changes that will reduce dependence on pills and procedures, while having fun and forming lasting bonds. Changing lives for good.


Downstream: Disease Management


Upstream: Prevention

Upstream healthcare is preventative, taking care of your health now, before a chronic disease develops. It’s addressing the whole person - mind, body, and soul.


Thundering Water is a revolutionary recreation and wellness experience focused on disrupting downstream disease management with upstream healthcare, the effects of which will ripple through communities, changing lives for good.

The idea:

Educate children and adults in an engaging way to prevent chronic illnesses before they begin

Having a unique recreational experience will offer a fun place with endless opportunities for sports and activities; as well as a place to educate and inspire healthy food choices, and a wholesome environment to bond with family and neighbors in an active, engaging setting.

The solution: 

WOWtruck (Wellness on Wheels)

The WOWtruck will travel around Douglas County bringing this revolutionary experience to all schools and neighborhoods. Additionally, Thundering Water will partner with community organizations like FARA, Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, Roseburg Public Schools, UC-VEG, Thrive Umpqua, FEATT, Family Development Center, Oregon Dept. of Human Services and more.

Our Goal is to change lives for good. 


The mobile and accessible WOWtruck will make recreational activities available for families and showcasing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The outcomes of the WOWtruck is to:

  • Get residents moving.
  • Increase the consumption of whole plant foods.
  • Empower a community to reclaim ownership of their personal health.
  • Connect residents to community partners that can lead to long-term health and wellness habits and lifestyles.