Come and peek inside the WOWtruck

This new revolutionary recreational experience called the Thundering Water Wellness on Wheels (WOWtruck) is an 18-wheel truck that will transform into an activity and wellness educational center.

It was established to appeal to the youth and families of Douglas County as a positive example of a preventative, proactive approach to recreation, lifestyle and nutrition education. The WOWTruck will be a catalyst for positive change in Douglas County. Engaging the community. Uniting health and wellness efforts. Changing lives for good.

The WOWtruck will be jam-packed with fun activities for everyone bike track climbing wall learning kitchen mini golf

WOWtruck will travel around Douglas County to support residents eating well staying active having fun


Community Events

Mobile Health/ Wellness Services

By partnering with community groups and organizations, the  WOWtruck experience can connect users to additional resources, opportunities, and activities that can lead to long-term health and wellness for individuals and families.

We need your help

Join us in bringing upstream healthcare to the people who need it most.

Together, we can create a healthier Douglas County.